Skylar The Bounty Hunter

There’s nowhere to run when one of the world’s most dangerous bounty hunters is hot on your trail. Skylar is an ex-soldier who has been using her athleticism to her advantage her entire life. She was beating up boys for money in high school so I guess nothing’s really changed. Now she does it as a profession and just like back in the day, she likes using her big thighs and booty to subdue her captive. She trains her legs really hard because she loves knocking men out between them. Watch her knock this fugitive out 3 times plus many other close calls. This guy didn’t stand a chance. She also likes sitting on his face, shaking her cheeks while restricting him of air. Skylar makes sure to break them physically and mentally before turning them in. Not only is it very enjoyable for her, but it makes it easier to transport them after they have no more fight left in them. She’s a total savage and you better hope you’re never on her radar. She loves putting out men like you for naps and won’t even blink twice thinking about it!

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