Skylar Dominates Poolside

Skylar is relaxing by the pool waiting for her next wrestling match when Anthony shows up about a match. Skylar is a little surprised since she thought she was going to wrestle with another female. But no big deal, she’s willing to wrestle anyone.  Like many men, Anthony is overconfident that he’ll win. He doesn’t know Skylar very well. She quickly gets him a headlock, takes him to the mats and grapevines him with her strong legs – bad start for him! She shows him her strength by pinning his shoulders and arms before smothering him with her breasts. She follows with a crotch smother, school girl pin and face sit.  Anthony struggles but can’t escape. It’s all Skylar, as she crushes his head with a reverse figure 4 head scissors. He submits but Skylar ignores him and moves to a reverse face sit. She taunts him about not being able to breathe under her big ass. She lets him go and he tries to attack but Skylar is too much for him, trapping him in an RNC body scissors combination. He quickly taps his submission but again Skylar doesn’t let him go.  Anthony tries, he really does … but Skylar is too good and works him over with head scissors, another grapevine breast smother, face sits, a cross body pin, RNCs, and more.  Anthony taps out quite a few times which Skylar keeps ignoring, moving form one painful hold to the next, chuckling and taunting him. She finishes him off with a strong reverse head scissors and a reverse face sit. She tells him to kiss her ass and calls him a loser! With no choice he kisses Skylar’s as and admits he’s a loser. The video ends with Skylar saying “Kiss. Kiss. Kiss” – the loser obeys!