Sheena The Bounty Hunter

As most of you know, Sheena is a force to be reckoned with and has some of the strongest scissors in the world. Can you imagine if there was a bounty on your head and she was the one hired to crush it and turn you in? What would you do? Where would you hide? This guy is running scared but Sheena eventually catches up to him, slamming him into the ground. She yanks his arms behind him and cuffs them together. Even though she gets paid to bring him in, this is the part she enjoys most, the punishment. She locks his head in a reverse headscissor, spins around onto her back and basically bench presses him into the air while his neck is still trapped between her thighs. He does not look comfortable to say the least. Sheena continues her onslaught with multiple scissor snaps, HOM (hand over mouth), crotch kicking, facesitting and some amazing ass smashes where she grips his head between her ankles and smashes his face repeatedly into her ass in mid air. She is simply incredible and shows him no mercy. After destroying him, she lifts him up off of the ground and throws him over her shoulder with ease. Sheena is now ready to collect her bounty!

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